Neapolitan Zucchine a Scapece – Fried Courgettes

Scapece, pronounced Ska-pe-ce, it’s a famous traditional neapolitan side dish and it’s basically made with courgettes, garlic, fresh mint leaves, all soaked in vinegar.

The name comes from the word ‘Escabeche’, a Spanish term for any dish marinated in vinegar after cooking. The Neapolitan tradition wants these courgettes to be dried in the sun before being fried as grannies used to do by leaving them on a dishcloths in the sun. Nowadays it’s quite hardly anyone still does it, but if you have time, a lot of sun available and a balcony or terrace, it’s worth a try, definitely.

The typical courgettes used for this dish are the striped ones, they are properly called Italian Striped Courgettes, but the non-striped ones will be great anyway!

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