Smoked Mackerel Mousse for Bruschetta

Bruschetta is always a special treat, the perfect starter while waiting for the main meal. Mackerel Mousse suits just perfectly then if you have a fish-based meal.

Serves 2, Preparation time 10 mins, Cooking time 10 mins

  • Bread, 4 slices

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil, 2 tbsp

  • Salt, a pinch

For the Smoked Mackerel Mousse:


  • Tinned smoked mackerel: 500 g

  • Italian Ricotta cheese: 350 g

  • Anchovy fillets in olive oil: 2 or Anchovy paste: 2 tbsp

  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 3 tbsp

  • Capers: 40 g, rinsed and roughly chopped

  • Salt and pepper: to taste

  • A sprig of fresh parsley


Toast the bread slices. Most Italian homes don’t feature a toaster or a toast maker to make bruschetta, so traditionally we prepare it by putting bread slices in the warm oven or on a griddle-pan for just a few minutes.

Bread should be crunchy, but not too dry, thus to ensure this result you have to drizzle some oil over each bread slices before baking/griddle them.

The oven should be set to 180 C, then baking bread slices for at most 10 mins. The griddle-pan should be quite hot.

Add a pinch of salt on each slice, spread smoked mackerel mousse on the slices still warm.

Tip: Whichever seasoning you choose, immediately eat your bruschetta: it’s much tastier when warm and fragrant, but most especially if you wait too long the liquid from the seasoning will make the bread soggy and moist.

This recipe was kindly written by cooking experts.

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