Flour and fry

A mix of flours, starches and wheat germ that wraps the fried food, puffing it up and making it crunchy, dry and golden. These cooking ingredients give an extraordinary scent and flavor.

For very good ...

Unrefined flour and wheat germ have more fiber and minerals, rice flour and starches create a crunchy patina that makes it absorb less oil for light frying. Turmeric guarantees a more golden fried.

Flour and fry

300 Grams
  • Ingredients


    Type 1 soft wheat flour (80%), Wheat starch, Rice flour (4%), Sourdough (type 1 soft wheat flour), Raising agents: sodium bicarbonate, sodium pyrophosphate, wheat germ (2 %), turmeric (0.1%).

  • Perfect for...


    Flour, batter and make dough for frying (pancakes and more).

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