Chickpea flour

We have chosen 100% Italian chickpeas, wisely selected, dried and ground. It is a product with an ancient tradition, but also attentive to the taste and needs of the youngest, because it is easy to prepare. We added a sachet with a seasoning inside, to rediscover all the authentic scent of rosemary, enhance the flavor of the flour and give your recipes more flavor.

To do well ...

Thanks to the strict controls, the product is suitable for a vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diet. It is a flour rich in fiber and proteins, essential for the well-being of our body. The robust flavor given by the high fiber content makes this flour ideal for tasty recipes with tantalizing nuances, which can be used in a thousand recipes with creativity and imagination.

Chickpea flour

300 Grams
  • Ingredients


    Chickpea flour (92%), rice flour. Seasoning: corn flour, salt, rosemary

  • Perfect for...

    DESSERTS: biscuits and pies

    SAVORY: farinata, Sicilian panelle, panisette, crepes, vegan omelettes, pancakes, batter, meatballs, breadsticks, gnocchi, fresh pasta, pizza.

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