Pecorino Roncione is one of the most particular and representative cheeses of the entire production of the Busti family. It is produced with our best fresh milk, processed raw so that the natural microbial flora is fully preserved. After a first maturation of at least 60 days in cold storage, it is transferred to the eighteenth-century cave of Roncione, a hilly area from which it takes its name. The will remain in the cave for at least 90 days, at a not always constant temperature and humidity, and is placed on wooden and straw boards to let the lower part of the form breathe and protect it from excessive humidity. The result is a pecorino that is unique for its fragrance and intensity of flavor.

Pecorino Roncione Tuscany Excellence - size 2,5 kg

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    Store in a cool and dry place

  • Minimum 150 days