Rice flour

It is a 100% Italian flour, without the addition of preservatives and its particular consistency is perfect for any sweet or savory recipe. Excellent for frying to which it guarantees lightness and crunchiness. Ideal for ... Sweet, savory, drinks, thickening and frying.

Rice flour

500 Grams
  • Ingredients

    Rice flour

  • Perfect for...

    DESSERTS: fragrant biscuits, delicate cakes, tall sponge cakes, crepes, shortcrust pastry, crumbly pies, tasty desserts, mousses and sorbets.

    SAVORY: light gnocchi, fresh pasta, simple and digestible bread. DRINKS: rice milk. Using Rice Flour as a basic ingredient or combined with other flours.

    For Soups, creams, light bechamel, velvety sauces and hot chocolate. Adding a few spoons of Rice Flour until the desired consistency is reached.

    FRY: fish, vegetables and sweets. You will get a light, dry and crunchy fried as the Rice Flour absorbs little oil. Use it both to make batter and just to flour.

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